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Bruce Lengeman

Bruce Lengeman has invested over 30 years of his life in the people-helping business as a church-planter, youth pastor, senior passtor, professional counselor, business consultant and writer. Bruce and Ruthie serve as the Senior Leader Couple at ACTS Covenant Fellowship Church in Lancaster Pa.

Bruce and Ruthie are active speakers at conferences, seminars and various events. They are available for speaking engagements to teach on a variety of subjects:

Marriage and Family: Bruce and Ruthie team-teach several different types of marriage and family seminars: basic marriage seminar, sexuality and intimacy in marriage, maximizing your marriage for effective ministry together, various family teachings.

Men’s Events: One of Bruce’s favorite applications is challenging men to be all they can be. He addresses a host of male issues, including sexual wholeness.

Business Motivation: After being active in business management for several years, Bruce took some of his business concepts on the road, effective teamwork, customer service, maximized leadership, and much more.

Events for Women: Ruthie loves calling women to their potential! Also, after raising nine children she comes with overflowing advice for young mothers.

General Speaking: Both Bruce and Ruthie are available for speaking engagements in churches and special events.