Let Jesus Keep the Towel

Knowing the heart of God toward His children is an essential part of discipleship. This teaching will expose a false mentality about Jesus that believers commonly embrace. It will also release you to tap into a relationship with our Lord that is incomprehensible! A teaching designed to change your prayer life forever!

40-Day Retreat Recap

For Ruthie and me, God had shown us that one season was about to end and another about to begin. We knew that in order to move into this next season, we needed to seek the Father's heart, and so we cleared our schedule and headed to the Sunshine State of Florida for a 40-day spiritual retreat. We were greeted by a month of temps dipping into the 20's and 30's, but inside our cottage God's presence was with us every single day--a season full of miraculous events! This teaching is an account of what we learned--especially and surprisingly, what God taught Ruthie and me about marriage. 


One of the strongest and most destructive mindsets that has increased in our culture over the past few decades is the a growing attitude called entitlement. Entitlement is when someone centers life around themselves, see privileges as rights, and a host of other maladies. But entitlement has infiltrated the church culture, too. Many have made the gospel "man-centered" instead of Christ-centered. This message comes after Ruthie spoke to a Mom's Group on How To Not Raise Entitled Children, and the positive response that followed. I trust this message will help you discern and reject the spirit of entitlement.

React or Respond - Part 1

React or Respond is a teaching on relational maturity. It touches marriages, teams, and parenting in a very specific, and very pungent way, revealing the heart of relational maturity. In the counseling/consulting room I deal with problems time and time again that arise because of people getting responding and reacting mixed up. Reacting has it's base in the natural mind and in self-protection, while responding accesses the power of truth to resolve challenges. This is a foundational messages for all to learn, and for parents to teach to their children.

Free from Wounds

05/14/2017 Message by Bruce Lengeman

Process and Pain: Part One
Navigating through suffering, pain, hurt, disappointment to the victory side in your heart. How and why to "cast all your care on Him."

John 3:16

What John 3:16 really says—expanded insight into an incredible act of love!
I wouldn’t be too far off, I believe, to state that 99% of all believers are missing the incredible depth of John 3:16, the most quoted verse in history. In this teaching we will delve into the original Greek and uncover what John 3:16 really says. You can’t understand John 3:16 fully until you understand the story that led to John 3:16 being penned. I trust you will be thrilled in a new way with what Jesus did for you and me. Oh, yes, you’ll get a free lesson in biblical Greek, too, that I’ve presented in hopefully, a way most people can easily understand. Get ready to have your mind stretched!

Kingdom Culture Conference

Process and Pain: Part One
Navigating through suffering, pain, hurt, disappointment to the victory side in your heart. How and why to "cast all your care on Him."
Process and Pain: Part Two
The Painful Processes of Life For the Believer:

Why God's Answers Take Time, and Involve Pain

Believers everywhere wonder why God is so slow to answer prayers, so seemingly non-existent to resolve crisis, and often appears to lack "care" for what they are going through. This teaching is a biblical overview designed to answer some of the "why" questions, and to give hope to those of you who are in a painful process, or processes, that seems fruitless and never-ending. Your are no different than anyone else--find out why.

The Lies of the Same Sex Agenda

In this message at ACTS Covenant Fellowship, Bruce Lengeman talks about the lies of the same sex agenda.

Deliverance from Unholy Memories

This teaching addresses UNHOLY MEMORIES and how to find DELIVERANCE from painful memories that are still alive, or those that are tucked in a room inside your heart because of how hurtful they are. Many believers do not know how to find victory from the filters that unholy memories create. Some people do not even know they have unholy memories that are causing destructive tendencies in their life and marriage. In this teaching both Bruce and Ruthie Lengeman present the case for coming totally free of memories that have never been healed.

The Scourge of Self-Protection and Spiritual Gatekeepers

Gatekeepers are counterfeit "Holy Spirit Comforters" that deceive people and keep them defensive, easily offended, and drive them to self-protect. Their real job, though, is to steal joy and to keep God's people spiritually crippled. Gatekeepers inhabit the the wounded places in the heart. This teaching is available in video on YouTube and Vimeo.

Overcoming the Spirit of Fear

Next to rejection, I believe fear is the major factor that causes people to be misdirected, emotionally tormented, and hindered from living life with trust and faith. In this message I address and expose the spirit of fear and show how to uncover roots of fear in your life and heart that you might not know existed. In the wake of ISIS, weather extremes, potential financial insecurity in the world, and a thousand other influences, many believers struggle with fears of various sorts. Trauma causes fear, rejection causes fear, unfulfilled expectations cause fear, and so forth, but God has not given us the spirit of fear! II Timothy 1:7.

Break and Make: How to Get Free From All Bondages

This teaching addresses how you can break any chain of bondage and receive the power of the promises. You will also learn how you can set others free who are seeing to find the fulness of God's covenant. Ruthie and I use the truth in this teaching regularly to stay free and to pray through issues with our children, and often when we are ministering the power of God to others.

Heart of the Shulamite

This teaching from the figurative and highly descriptive Song of Solomon portrays different levels of relationship and intimacy that believers walk in. Move from being a surface believer who doesn't know intimacy to one who values an intimate love relationship with the Savior.

Marriage - Bruce & Ruthie

This teaching uncovers the heart of what a covenant marriage looks like. Bruce and Ruthie share briefly their experience through their 38 years of marriage, and encourage others to set their goals high, and then work to reach them.