React or Respond is a teaching on relational maturity. It touches marriages, teams, and parenting in a very specific, and very pungent way, revealing the heart of relational maturity. In the counseling/consulting room I deal with problems time and time again that arise because of people getting responding and reacting mixed up. Reacting has it's base in the natural mind and in self-protection, while responding accesses the power of truth to resolve challenges. This is a foundational messages for all to learn, and for parents to teach to their children.


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Cassie Alcantara's picture

Cassie Alcantara

May 14, 2018 01:22 PM

Nailed It

My heart definitely needed to hear this message. I suppose I’ve always realized there’s a difference between reacting and responding, but I feel like God spoken very clearly through you about choosing to response God’s way for the benefits of the relationships instead of fixating on justice or the hurt. I am excited for part two to be able to keep going in this area. Thank you Bruce and Ruthie!

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