The Habit of Cheerleading

At church, when we do our leadership internship, we invite married couples into the group. Every new addition to our group, at some point in the year, shares their leadership journey...

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The Habit of Gratitude

While the habit of gratitude is basic, it is one of the most important concepts in this book. Without appreciation and gratitude, the kingdom culture will FLOP...

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Strong Character: Ingredients for Excellence in the Culture

In your quest to be productive, don’t forget that the foundation of anything you do, will rest on the quality of the character you and your team demonstrate. I have been quite aware of how many business and ministry...

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The Conference That Didn't Go As I Expected

When I teach a conference or seminar, I know the material. What I don't know always, is what the final outcome is going to look like. I go into each conference prepared to teach multiple ways depending on the spirit of...

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Kingdom Culture Conference

ATTENTION LEADERS: Have you ever wondered why some businesses, ministries, and marriages flourish while others fall flat on their face? Christian speaker and author, Bruce Lengeman, is hosting his internationally-...

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