You've Been Tweeked

Many of you are familiar with my teachings on sexual purity, marriage, and leadership; however, you may not know that my first book was somewhat of a fun, quirky, fictional story designed to teach a life-changing lesson...

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Seasons of the Soul

  I enjoyed reading the book Spiritual Rhythm: Being With Jesus Every Season Of Your Soul, by Mark Buchanan—a very insightful book that compares the seasons of the soul to the seasons of the year, spring,...

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When Jesus Asked a Dumb Question...

When Jesus Asked a Dumb Question...
Okay, it wasn’t dumb, but honestly, it could have seemed as if it was. In John 5, Jesus visited the Pool of Bethesda where whomever first stepped into the water after an angel...

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Behind the Scenes With God Poem

I’ll tell you my Child
what my mother told me
when I was no older than you,
I never forgot it,
it helped me through life
I trust this will change your life,
too I would always thank...

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Visit to a Hurricane Ravaged Island

Ruthie and I woke up several times during the night while at the YWAM base in St. Croix last week. The batteries in the battery-operated fan bit the dust, and the heat was at a level we weren’t used to since in our PA...

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