Kingdom Culture: A Vital Concept to Understand

You might want to make kingdom culture a commonly understood and repeated term in your church, on your team, or throughout your Christian community! Terminology is vital. Accurate terminology.
Terminology gives...

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A Safe Place

A Safe Place in a Kingdom Culture

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Vertical Youth Conference Recap

Some Thoughts About Why Vertical Youth Conference Was a Success  

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Attitudes and Actions That Kill a Culture

In order to flourish in a kingdom culture, one must know what the kingdom culture is not! Certain dynamics that are very common on teams are unacceptable and work against the success of the culture...

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Insights and Principles For Dealing With Fallen Leaders and the Trauma of their Sins

At some point, you may need to address immorality in a leader. Unfortunately, we all know how frequently it is occurring, and the sad part is that only a small percentage are discovered or uncovered.

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