Several years ago Ruthie spoke at a Bible study. She relayed to me some of the struggles that the individual women were going through. I went to my computer and felt led to write a poem based on the women's struggles.

The following poem connects to a lot of people, which means you are not alone if you are feeling similar. There is hope.




in a crowd

with those who love me

or do they

love me?

then why am i alone?

or do i imagine i am alone

because i feel so dark?

are my feelings lies?

does anyone care

about my pain,

who i am,

what i feel,

right now?

i want to escape

run away

hide from rejection

find a safe place

where I don’t have to give

where I don’t have to help

someone else

feel safe

in a crowd

among people

who want to care

but sometimes

don’t know how

to reach

into someone else’s heart

and plant love?

can i find a place

to overcome?

a place of peace,

a river inside,

that is waiting

to flow out of me

onto someone else?

yes, that is my true desire.

to love another

where i don’t feel loved

and be a place

of safety

to someone who feels

right now


and alone.

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