And David Perceived He Was King: A Book Every Leader and Counselor Must Read

Did He Actually Eat His Date?


Homonyms are words which have the same spelling and pronunciation, yet have different meanings. If you don’t understand the different meanings of words, you may have misunderstood the subheading of this paragraph. You may be thinking poor Britney made the unfortunate mistake of dating a cannibal!


The word identity is a homonym. It has several meanings. Your identity could be your title—Director, or Doctor, or it may be your name. But the meaning of identity that I am referring to in this article is: your potential, value as a person, and your self-worth. It is the definition you develop about yourself. Identity involves questions such as: Who am I? Do I matter? What is my purpose in living? A person may have a healthy identity, or an identity crisis.


I wrote a fable several years ago to illustrate what I believe to be one of the most prevalent problems with people—flawed identity. One of Satan’s main strategies to pacify believers is identity theft. I published my fable in a book called You’ve Been Tweeked! The subtitle of the book was coined by a businessman who read my manuscript before it was published: The Secret of Overcoming Everything! The story is a bizarre one. A man named Elvin Greble finds himself in the “control room” of another man’s brain. Greble gets a crash course on how to steal someone’s identity—or said another way, how to destroy someone’s identity. Greble later finds himself in another control room, where the agenda is to show him who he really is, what he was created to be, and how valuable he is as a person—thus, creating a healthy identity.


I only mention my book here as an introduction to Dale Mast’s incredible book, And David Perceived He Was King. Dale’s book goes inside the mind of King David, from his anointing, to killing Goliath, to being king, and reveals the incredible need every one of us has to live and walk in a restored and healthy identity.


Dale’s Book And Carrabba’s Italian Restaurant


Though I believe you’ll be inspired by my book You’ve Been Tweeked! (Which I can humbly arrange to get to you), Dale’s book is making its way around our leadership team and our church and getting rave reviews from many of the people I’ve introduce it to. One leader that I gave the book to spent almost three days alone after reading just the first few chapters, because the book had such a positive impact on his life.


There are books galore available on the subject of identity, but the insight in Dale’s book is second to none. Dale has a revelation from God on identity. For years, Ruthie and I have enjoyed Dale’s identity teaching at our church, network meetings, and other events. And, periodically, we’ve chatted about Dale’s revelation on identity around pasta and garlic bread with Dale and his wife, LuAnne. I was one of many who personally encouraged Dale to write and publish his profound teachings on identity.


Honestly, I quote Dale all the time in my seminars, like, “You will never go higher than what you believe about yourself!” Or, "Faith is your confidence in God; identity is God’s confidence in you!" Every leader and counselor should read Dale’s book. You’ll get a fresh perspective on why some people grow, succeed, and overcome, and why some don’t. After you read it, you will probably send me an expensive Hallmark thank-you card, with gushy words of appreciation that I can pass on to Dale on your behalf.


A Bit More About Dale


As an apostle, prophet, and Senior Pastor of Destiny Christian Church in Dover, Delaware, Dale Mast teaches on a variety of subjects in leadership schools, overseas, and in conferences. Occasionally, Ruthie and I sit down and re-listen to the incredible personal, prophetic words that Dale (and Lu) have spoken over us through the years. You can order his book on, or from his web site: While you’re on the site, you may want to check out LuAnnes’s book, God, I Feel Like Cinderella, a testimonial book on how God took her from ruin to redemption.


Oh, Yes, I Almost Forgot—Another Book You Will Want to Read


While you’re in a mood to buy books, why not read a chapter out of my book, To Kill A Lion: Transforming Your Life Through Sexual Freedom. It’s a book that goes beyond surface bandages and goes into the control room of the heart to answer the question many men ask: I know it’s wrong, but why can’t I stop? Just CLICK HERE read it.



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Dale Mast

Jan 08, 2018 08:45 AM


I want to thank you and Ruthie for what you do. We thank Father God for who you are! You have been a special blessing with strategic and engaging fellowship over the years. Thank you for your kind words concerning my book.

Dale L. Mast

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