Behind the Scenes With God Poem

I’ll tell you my Child
what my mother told me
when I was no older than you,
I never forgot it,
it helped me through life
I trust this will change your life,

I would always thank God
for the good things He did
when my mother would pray
beside me
but she noticed that
what I was giving thanks for,
were only good things
I could see

she told me,
“my child,
how blessed it is
that you thank God
and offer Him praise,
but hear me, and listen,
and never forget,
as I teach you a secret
of God’s ways

we only can see
one drop of the rain
of the blessings
upon us
God pours,
Many, yes, many
more favors He does
and I’ll open the doors

the doors open up
to a
world you can’t see
where Jesus is evermore
He’s helping and guiding
and holding your heart
and comforting you
in your fears

We love to see miracles
that give us great joy
but always keep clearly in mind 
that behind every door
God is doing great things
that to us,
and our eyes,
we are blind.

We don’t see the hundreds
of times in our life
that He guides and directs
by our side
oh no!
We don’t see the thousands
of times in our pain
He was wiping our tears
when we cried

Billions and trillions and skillions
of times
all through the day and the night
God is designing new blessings of joy
are totally out of our sight

We don’t know how often
He changed things around
to direct us away from a fall
we never could know
how much that He helped
to protect us—
that we never saw 

We never could,
ever could,
appreciate all
of the favors God puts
in our way,
we never could
ever could
thank Him enough
if we took a whole year
just to pray

So my Child let’s question
our Father above
and ask Him to keep us aware,
that when we don’t see Him,
or notice His touch
we’ll know,
without doubt,

He is there!

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