Bitter-Sweet News

A guy called me up and asked where he could get another To Kill a Lion book. I told him that he could pick it up. He lived about 1/2 hour away. When he came he introduced himself and told me that the book opened his mind to the root of his sexual addiction and that he was experiencing a new freedom.

That was the good news.

The bitter part is that now he has to try to win his wife back, who left him because of his addiction.

This is not a rare testimonial. Pornography and other forms of immorality are breaking up families left and right.

We all have a battle to wage against the enemy, but I am convinced that we can make a huge difference. I am humbled how many reports are coming back that men are getting set free. Just an hour ago I was on the phone with a minister who introduced my book to a group of churches in another country. Much of what I share in the book, they didn't know--especially that they didn't have to rely on self-discipline and law to overcome their addiction. This minister counseled people all week who were in crisis because of sex. But many of them found hope through the power of the Lord. It is worth the battle to see people set free!

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Jun 11, 2019 03:02 AM

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