The Conference That Didn't Go As I Expected

When I teach a conference or seminar, I know the material. What I don't know always, is what the final outcome is going to look like. I go into each conference prepared to teach multiple ways depending on the spirit of the event, the hearts of the people, and what the Holy Spirit says. The Kingdom Culture Conference at ACTS Covenant Fellowship in Lancaster, PA last weekend was no exception. The UPS truck with my new book, "Kingdom Culture," showed up just hours before the conference began so each participant could take one home. The response from those participating was great! (To order your copy, please visit All weekend new concepts were internalized by those hungry to learn how to live victoriously in relational settings where diversity exists, and where imperfect people have to deal with other imperfect people—under the blessed guidance of God. Prayer came alive, especially at the end of our last session on Sunday morning where I taught on the "process" of learning to live in healthy relationships—business, ministry, teamwork, marriage. The front of the church was packed and everybody was praying with everybody. (You can hear that teaching at The reason this conference did not go as planned was that God had a better agenda, and we were all fine with that. We had spontaneous prayer, and subjects of interest arose that were not in my specific agenda, but relevant to the kingdom, and to the participants at the conference. It became a conference customized by God! I look forward to doing an expanded version of Kingdom Culture Conference for churches, businesses, leaders, and leaders to be. A few of the concepts I taught were: • Why disagreement is a necessary ingredient in any team, and how disagreement can be healthy and productive. • The difference between peacekeeping (a poison) and peacemaking (a virtue). • The chasm between healthy control and controlling. • Why everyone must learn about the Biblical Greek word "metron," a key concept in life that English Bibles fail to represent. • Why lack of identity will sabotage the forward motion of your team, even if your team is "marriage." • The first step in breaking lies and bondages that way too often people don't know to do. • Why God may not answer your prayer with an instant miracle. • The four essential principles for organizational success. (Most all failing businesses violate them) • Much, much, much more! If you or your team are interested in hosting a Kingdom Culture Conference for your ministry, business, or organization, please contact me at for more information. God bless!

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Jun 23, 2017 07:55 AM

Life touched

I enjoy learning about teams & cultures. I was able to attend the Sunday AM of this weekend conference at ACTS and was touched by the story of Namaan. I sensed God's invitation for prayer up front where I was able to let go of judgement and condemnation, and receive the Father's love. At the time I was 4 days into a Daniel fast. I was ministered to by two separate women at two different times that morning who spoke directly to where I was at, speaking in to what God had been showing me, without even knowing my journey. Something is internally shifting for me and I have more "tools" for my journey! Blessings!

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