East Brickerviille Parmesan Pumpkin Soup

First of all, I am not a technical cook. Every time I make something it’s, a little bit more of this and a little bit less of that. I cook by feeeeeeeeeeeel. I feeeeeeeeeeeel it! When I made my parmesan pumpkin soup for the first time, I had never even heard of putting parmesan in pumpkin soup. I had only eaten pumpkin soup less than once in my whole life! Now, I’ll tell you a secret: If I made a list of my three worst foods, pumpkin would be on it.


Now why would I make a soup with pumpkin in if I don’t appreciate pumpkin. I do it because everyone else in my fam loves pumpkin. But, to my surprise, I loved the soup, too. It’s my best experience with pumpkin ever! My first try was a hit, and yours is about to be a hit, too!


Now for the recipe.


3 cans pure pumpkin—15 ounce

6-8 ounces of grated parmesian cheese

4 cloves of garlic

4 big stalks of celery

medium-size onion

8-10 baby carrots

quart of heavy creme

quart of chicken stock

pumpkin spice

butter- a 1/4 lb. stick or slightly less

salt, pepper, old bay, parsley, etc.



This recipe fills full a 10 quart pot. If you want less, cut down on everything. (DUH) The first thing I do is take a good-sized medium to large onion, about 4 celery stalks, a small handful of baby carrots, four cloves of garlic, and I put them in this awesome chopper I got from Amazon. It chops them to extra fine—almost liquidy. I then heat up a quart of chicken stock/broth and boil the veggies in the stock for a half hour or so.


Then I put in two of the three cans of pumpkin and stir it in till it mixes in good, reheat the mix and then put in the butter, the parmesan cheese (you can try some other cheeses if you want, in addition to the parmesan), and then the heavy cream. Of course, don’t let the mix boil after you put in the cream. After it is on the hot side, I put in the third can of pumpkin.


Next I throw in spices—lots of salt, pepper, and other spices according to the way I feel—Old Bay, parsley, curry, and whatever else seems to be good at the time. I taste it as I go. (Wash the spoon between each tasting if you have acute sinusitis.)


The last thing I put in is the pumpkin spice. This is the key. I taste it as I go until I have enough in. You don’t want too much pumpkin spice, but enough.


There you have it—pure love! Honest, my girls raved about it!

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