Female Sexual Addiction

One of the issues that is swiftly coming more to the surface, which has heretofore been a very secretive issue is                 FEMALE SEXUAL ADDICTION.  There are many mysteries that have been very inadequately addressed. For those of you who don’t know, female addiction is in the tsunami category. I would never have known how prevalent it is until I got so many responses from my book after women had read it.

At our team meeting last evening we finally decided to move ahead with To Kill a Lioness, a book about healing female sexual addiction  FROM THE ROOT!  I know that the roots of female addiction are very similar to the roots of male addiction—father wounds, mother wounds, rebellion and independence, rejection, etc., etc.  But the dynamics are quite different because a women’s sexuality differs so much from a man’s.

Although I am heading up the writing of this book, I believe it will be a team effort. We will be asking women to share their story on forms that we will distribute, and perhaps even to join us live in a forum-style basis to hear more about what drives a woman to pornography and other forms of sexual addiction.

If you would like to drop your name as a possible candidate for participating in our survey, please email us your scope of interest to  INFO@TOKILLALION.COM PLEASE DO NOT SHARE YOUR STORY OR TESTIMONY YET, JUST YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION.

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