Happy New Year's and Update from Bruce and Ruthie

It’s psychological, but not in a negative way. It just seems as if the beginning of the new year is a great time to renew commitments and make new resolutions. Where have you become sloppy? What would you like to change? Here are some ideas:

  • Give more to others
  • Commit to volunteer more to good causes
  • Honor God and your body with wholesome eating disciplines
  • Oh, yes, the most popular New Year’s resolution—lose weight
  • Seek outside help for your marriage
  • Make a family or personal vision statement
  • Set goals for the new year

This year Ruthie and I are doing something we’ve never done—mostly, never been able to do. We are going away for a minimum of forty days, beginning New Year’s day, to re-evaluate our life, our focus, our future, our finances, and whatever else God puts on our plate during this time. For this six-week period we are not doing business as normal, or should I say, busy-ness as normal. It is a time to refresh the well inside of us for our own health and to have new resources to give to others in our ministry. We are abandoning life as we know it, in order to discover deeper things, and so we can be equipped to live life, and give life, in a way that honors God more.

How About You?

You don’t need New Year’s Day to make healthy changes and choices for your life. What are those things that you’ve put on the shelf saying, some day! Perhaps today is the day to better yourself, or to take your dreams—the ones you put on hold—and take your life to another level. One of my favorite sayings comes from a milk commercial: Today is the first day of the rest of your life! Ruthie and I bless you as you move ahead into this next year!

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