He didn't have to be good

Tonight I thought to share with you
something profound
to me
that I have learned
about God
I call this

He didn’t have to be good

The most common complaint
against God
Is that He allows evil,
and doesn’t protect
from evil
He lets hardship happen
good people die
bad people win
and God is accused of
absent when most needed.
Conclusion of many:
God is not really good.

But think about this
The creator of the universe
The creator of man
didn’t have to be good.
He wasn’t required
by virtue of being God
to be good.

He didn’t have to be a Father
But could have chosen to be
a Master
So if someone complained
to God
about hardship
He could simply wipe them out
because He is God
This is the kind of God
we could be serving
But we aren’t

Think about this
Where in any religion
do they claim to serve a God
who forgives sin
who has mercy on wretched humanity
who gives promises
(He didn’t have to
by virtue of anything
give us promises)
Who has compassion
Who was tortured
died on a cross
and chooses
to love
to give hope
to adopt broken people
and call them
sons and daughters
because as God
He didn’t have to
He didn’t have to
He didn’t have to
He chose to.

I am one of those
who at one time or another
have been angry at God
deep in my heart
pointing the finger
challenging His goodness
momentarily believing
that I know how to be God
better than Him
pointing with an expectation
that He must live up
to my expectations
as if He is required
to be good

And all I get back
in the midst of my pointing
is more love,
more mercy,
more promise,
more goodness.

And in those times
I try to remember
that though I don’t always
understand His ways
I do understand one thing

He didn’t have to be good

He chose to.

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