Kingdom Culture: A Vital Concept to Understand

You might want to make kingdom culture a commonly understood and repeated term in your church, on your team, or throughout your Christian community!

Terminology is vital. Accurate terminology.
Terminology gives birth to concepts.

In my book Kingdom Culture, I wrote, “terminology empowers you to use the concept.” Where there is no terminology, a concept—or even a rare disease—can hide or be misunderstood.

At the church where I am a leader, and where I was the pastor for several years, I established terminology for vital concepts that I wanted to be essential values of our church culture. Terms like calling to lifeGod-mirror…but God, and many more, help form the expectation of the atmosphere we want to shine.

Kingdom Culture is a term that defines a relational culture operating under the principles and values that God ordained for His people—in business, in ministry, in marriage. At a leadership meeting, when a crisis arises, one can be heard to ask, How should we deal with this situation in accordance with a kingdom culture? When birthing a new initiative or project we ask how it is to be crafted according to a kingdom culture.

Honestly, every Christian-based organization needs to know the basic principles of how a kingdom culture works. I didn’t come up with the term, but I wrote the book to help others thrive in their organizational management, and in their relational dynamics

Establishing a commonly used concept will reinforce that you and yours will adhere to the blessings of a kingdom culture.

I encourage you to start a study group with your team or leaders by reading and discussing together the concepts found in “Kingdom Culture.” To order your copy today, click here


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