Living in the Power of Christ

I never cease to be amazed what churches don’t teach!

As we travel here and there in our conferences and seminars, I never cease to be amazed at the multitudes (yes, multitudes!) of people who have sat in pews, in church, all their life and don’t have a clue about how to deal with root issues. For many they are taught how to “do”, how to act, what to wear, what not to do, that they should read their Bible and go to church and witness to others and not gossip, but the issues of the heart that drive what we do and how we act, are left untouched.

Many have never heard a single sermon on how to overcome rejection once and for all—yet rejection is one of the most major issues in the church, or they’ve never been taught how to find 100% victory over a “spirit of fear,” yet the counseling rooms are jammed with people who live each day out of the many manifestations of fear.  How about identity? Knowing who you are in Christ, living your life from the standpoint of the NEW MAN (or WOMAN) is a central key to living in the power of Christ, yet people are still taught to waste time trying to FIX the natural man, a process that will never produce grace.

To Kill A Lion is opening people’s minds up to more than just sexual purity, but to the truth that God works from the heart out. My challenge for all of you is to begin a journey of discovering what is at the root of who you are and how you live!

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