Silver or Gold: A Lesson In Rest and Simplicity

goldPictures: Throughout my life God has given me pictures and scenarios that He uses to guide me, remind me, and help me navigate through life. The following is a picture that changed my life. I hope it will change yours too. I call it:

Silver or Gold
A Lesson in Rest and Simplicity

One of the most challenging points of growth in my life has been the journey to understand God’s rest, and how the value of simplicity is an arm of this rest. One of the most influential words God gave me was a comparison of my life to silver and gold.

One day, as I was journaling in my devotional time, God began speaking. It was several pages long, so I’ll summarize what he said to me:

“I have given you gold, not silver. Had you wanted many pieces of silver, I would have given it to you, but I have not desired to give you many pieces of silver, but just one piece of gold…and then another. Not one piece of gold and then several pieces of silver, but one piece of gold and then another piece of gold. Your money bag many be smaller, less impressive, less desired, but in it will be greater value, I say, much greater value. Much silver is more cumbersome than gold and gold is greater than silver.”

God is bringing His people to gold, and He is teaching them the difference between silver and gold, and between bronze and gold, and perhaps between iron and gold. For me, I am continuously discerning more and more how so much activity among believers is silver or less—it may have some value, but not worth the time or effort. Silver activity produces shallow fruit. So I am, more than ever, evaluating my abundant choices to “do” and sifting out the silver from the gold. Often this sifting is the difference between doing things FOR GOD versus FROM GOD. Gold is the FROM God, and that’s what we are called to value.

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