Thank God I'm Sexual

God made me sexual.

I am highly sexual.

Most men think about sexual things more times in a day than they have fingers, and on some days, more times in a day than they have whiskers in their beard.

In this I am not recommending change.

Neither is God.

God does, though, want to deliver you from any stronghold of lust that causes your thought life to be unnaturally consumed by sex. The unnatural craving and addiction must go, but even when that is gone, you may still find yourself quite sexual.

In his book, Sheet Music, Kevin Leman writes: 

“Do all men think about sex all the time?” a woman asked me in obvious exasperation after I’d talked about the differences between men and women.

“Well, not all the time,” I said, noting the relief covering her face, until I added, “Sometimes, we think about food and sex. Occasionally, we think about killing deer and breaking ninety on the golf course, but pretty much our minds go back to sex.”

“Aren’t there any men who are holy and have pure minds?” she went on.

See, that’s the problem right there: She’s assuming that when I say most men think about sex a large percentage of the time, I mean we’re thinking dirty thoughts. Some people of faith think God and sex have about as much in common as football and ice dancing. Just because a man thinks about sex a lot doesn’t mean he’s thinking impure thoughts. If he’s imagining what another woman (besides his wife) looks like naked, or how good she’d be in bed, then yes, he’s polluting his mind. But if he’s imagining how good it would feel to rub massage oil all over his wife later that night while on his way to giving her a body-to-body massage, he’s being as pure as an inner-city mission worker serving a bowl of soup to the homeless.


Personally, I love being sexual. I am sexual because I am healthy and godly. I want to be sexual until I’m one-hundred-ten years young. I am thrilled that the opposite sex is attractive to me, but I have a commitment to glorify God with my sexuality. If a spirit of lust or an emotional wound is driving your hyper-sexuality, then, yes, that needs to change. I am not trying to cure you by helping you turn off your sex drive, but to help you bring it into alignment with what it was designed to be.

You can’t eliminate your drive. You can suppress it, which will just make you miserable. Many religious strategies for victory are misguided plans that lead me into sexual denial and religious bondage.

I’ve met countless men who feel guilty because they are sexual. They are usually oppressed and condemned, even though their sexuality is working the way God designed it.

Trying to become non-sexual is not the pathway to victory. Yes, as men we need to bring our sexual expressions into subjection, but, thank God, victory is not dependent upon a man suppressing his God-given sexual drive.

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