What's In a Name?

For those of you who are troubled by past or present circumstances, there is encouragement and faith in the names of Joseph’s two sons, Manasseh and Ephraim. As I was reading the account of how Joseph lost a major part of his life—growing up with Dad, betrayed by brothers, lied about by a seductress, spending many years in a rat-infested prison, and more—I was brought to life by the restoration God gave to him.

The light bulb came on in my heart when I read the meaning of the names of Joseph’s two sons as explained in Genesis 41:50-52. Manasseh means “causing to forget,” because God caused Joseph “to forget all his troubles,”  and Ephraim means “fruitful,”  because God caused Joseph to “be fruitful in the land of affliction.”

Many of us, most of us, all of us, have had afflictions—perhaps not as extreme as Joseph’s, or perhaps worse. But to us, they were and maybe are painful. But the great thing about God’s plan is that there is fruitfulness in the land of affliction. “Where sin did abound, grace did MUCH MORE abound.”

If you are reading this, the last chapter in your life isn’t written yet. God wants to give you a Manasseh experience—causing you to be blessed in Him in such measure that you will forget the pain of the past. He wants to take every rotten thing that happened to you and make it into something beautiful, so that you too can be an Ephraim—fruitful in the land of affliction.

Right now, receive it by faith! Wait for it! Your deliverance may be right around the corner!

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