X-ousia -- Two Discipleship Course begin in September



Two Transformational Discipleship/Leadership Courses Begin in Sept!

  • Sunday evenings for men, women, teens, young adults
  • Tuesday mornings focused meetings for men, all ages!


Live FB streaming Sun. evening only for those out of the region



Replacing powerless paradigms with powerful principles!

X is a regional course open to everyone to attend!


Every session a lesson on living

a lesson on leading

a lesson on people helping/counseling!


Who’s Your Audience?

Three paragraphs down from here, you’ll see that the target audience is deep and wide. Why? Because X is based on the idea that ALL believers are leaders, and leadership and living principles overlap—character, integrity, identity, powerfulness, relationship, etc.


Why X?

This course is based on the biblical Greek word exousia (X-oo-see-a). I call this course “X” for simplicity. Exousia is translated in the Bible authority and also power. It is the power of living and leading in the authority of our covenant and inheritance in Christ Jesus.


What is Transformational Discipleship?

Before I tell you what Transformational Discipleship is, I’ll tell you what it is NOT. It is not a basic discipleship course, as in, Read your Bible, pray every day, and you’ll grow, grow, grow. This is a part-two discipleship course designed to equip all believers to live and lead powerfully in this world. This discipleship course is designed to transform your life and leadership, and it will give you effective tools to help others.


The biblical principles taught in this course are for:

  • leaders, developing leaders
  • leadership teams
  • counselors who need more effective people-helping skills
  • struggling teens or young adults who desire stability
  • married couples seeking new dimensions in their partnership
  • people who need to grow in their personal, spiritual life and relational skills
  • recovering addicts


What Else Will I Learn?

  • Healthy IDENTITY and powerful living run side by side like rails on a train track.
  • The difference between unhealthy pride and vital self-respect.
  • How to live by truth and God’s leading without being a slave to emotional reacting
  • Common powerless attitudes that destroy teams and relationships
  • Keys to making people you interact with feel valued
  • Vital keys to dealing with crisis and conflict successfully
  • Keys to making powerful and Godly decisions
  • When boundaries are needed and when they are not—don’t get this mixed up!
  • Why your biblical “metron” is essential to help you live and lead powerfully
  • How to nurture self-respect that will enable you to influence others
  • Much more!


Over the years I’ve discovered things that worked, and I’ve learned how to avoid things that didn’t. The difficulty is that many of the things that didn’t work were valued as virtues by believers. Throughout our decades in the Kingdom Ruthie and I have had to unlearn many commonly accepted principles and values that are powerless (they lack exousia) and replace them with the powerful principles of the Kingdom of God. As Ruthie and I teach these principles we have seen them change lives, altar leadership teams, bring marriages closer, and give new powerful perspectives to upcoming leaders.


This is a regional event open to everyone.


Place: New Strasburg ACTS Fellowship, 211 Gap Rd, Strasburg, PA — At the corner of Rt. 896 and Rt. 741

Date: Every Sunday beginning Sept. 15 from 6 to 8 PM through Sunday Oct. 20, (except Sept. 29, which will be held on Monday the 30th beginning at 7 PM)


Men’s meeting begins Tuesday, Sept 10 from 6-7 AM, same location

Instructors: Bruce & Ruthie Lengeman and guest speakers

Cost: Because we want to make this course available to all, there is no specific fee for this course, but because we must cover costs we will be taking offerings, asking each participant to contribute responsibly according to what they can afford. Online giving is available for those who view the Sun. eve. course by FB Live.


How to sign up

There is no need to register, but I need to know how many are going to attend. Please reply to BruceLengeman@gmail.com and tell me if you or how many in your group are going to attend. Please be punctual. I encourage you to attend all the meetings, but no problem if you have a schedule conflict and can’t attend a meeting.


How to take this course if you live far away

As mentioned we will be live streaming the Sunday evening course on FB Live for those outside the region. Take the course yourself or get a small group together to listen and then process and pray through the material presented. Handouts will be available to print online. Email me at BruceLengeman@gmail.com if you are interested and we will send you the log-in details

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