You've Been Tweeked

Many of you are familiar with my teachings on sexual purity, marriage, and leadership; however, you may not know that my first book was somewhat of a fun, quirky, fictional story designed to teach a life-changing lesson. It is called You’ve Been Tweeked. (Yes, “Tweeked” is misspelled on purpose. You’ll find out why when you read the story!) 

You’ve Been Tweeked ($9.99) is about how you can defeat forces that have kept you from enjoying your full portion of joy, prosperity, health, love, success and more. Furthermore, it is about the battle that wages inside you that determines who you will become, what you will do, how you will live. 

The setting of You’ve Been Tweeked is inside the mind of a normal, everyday guy named Elvin Greble. The characters are unreal, but the dynamics are as real as can be. This book does not contain the complete lesson in life that I would like to convey. I cannot write that. You must! For in this somewhat silly story, I have given you only an illustration of the war— the war YOU must uncover, the war YOU must win if you are to reach your potential in life, or break your cycles of defeat. 

If You’ve Been Tweeked is to change your life, the real work begins after the book has ended. Some of you may not have a clue, after reading this book, how it applies to you. None of you will know, upon completion of the book, HOW MUCH it applies to you. 

Many of you who read this story will confess that you have been victimized by “tweekers,” but few of you will know how. You have become accustomed to the subtle warriors fighting for your soul. They have become part of you. But now it is time to take control of your mind and BECOME AN OVERCOMER in life! 

You've Been Tweeked is designed to change your core belief system—who you are, how you fit into life, how much potential you have, what you are worth, how valuable you are to others, what you accomplish and become in the future. It is designed to change your view of failure, people, self, circumstances, success, and God. 

To order your copy for only $9.99 (and copies for your friends!) please visit

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