Taught by Bruce Lengeman

Would you invest the equivalent of one working day to radically change your life forever?

We live in a world full of wounded people. Often the pain from a wound becomes a subconscious part of our life. The pain affects the decisions we make—destroying relationships, businesses, and dreams. Freedom From a Wounded Heart is over EIGHT hours of training taught by Bruce Lengeman on thirteen audio CDs or four DVDs for both people- helpers, counselors and strugglers.

You'll learn:


  1. How to overcome, and how to help others overcome:
    • Rejection
    • Shame
    • Fear
    • Sexual addiction
    • Low self-image
    • And many other manifestations of woundedness
  2. Core Biblical principles that will open the door to the power of Christ for spiritual victory
  3. Principles of hearing God that are vital for every believer to know
  4. How the counterfeit voice of "Satan as an angel of light" frequently deceives believers
  5. What it means to walk in the Spirit -- many believers only know a counterfeit soul-walk
  6. How law and legalism always produces bondage and more woundedness
  7. How to apply a radical faith that will change your circumstances, your self-image, and your future
  8. How to defeat the oppression of spirits of darkness
  9. Much more!



13-disk audio CD course: The full 8-hour seminar with 23-page note booklet is available for $65