you've been tweeked 2nd edition book cover

The Secret of Overcoming Everything!

“Why me?!” people cry out.
“Why can’t I get ahead?
‘Why can’t I fix my marriage?’
‘Why can’t I change my behavior?”


You’ve Been Tweeked! exposes the secret battle inside every mind that determines why some people succeed and others fail. It uncovers incredible truths behind all self-improvement strategies that will unlock your doorway to destiny.

You’ve Been Tweeked! will challenge the business person, the parent, the teacher, the teenager. If you are depressed, addicted, confused, not living to your full potential, or struggling with failure, you will not only benefit from You’ve Been Tweeked!, but you will pass it on to a friend. The average reader can read this book in less than an hour.

A perfect book for any type of self-motivation discussion group! Group study guide is included.