The Raging Lion Inside Me

As an unmarried teenager not walking closely with God, I had some incidents under the heading of sexual promiscuity, although I never went the whole way. During that time, I had several opportunities to engage in inappropriate sexual involvements with girls, but a strong sense of discretion usually led me to resist and often to flee. I know now, that strong sense was the Holy Spirit. After turning my life over to God, I repented of my youthful lust and took a strong stand for morality in my life.

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Seasons of the Soul

  I enjoyed reading the book Spiritual Rhythm: Being With Jesus Every Season Of Your Soul, by Mark Buchanan—a very insightful book that compares the seasons of the soul to the seasons of the year, spring, summer, autumn, winter.

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Insights and Principles For Dealing With Fallen Leaders and the Trauma of their Sins

At some point, you may need to address immorality in a leader. Unfortunately, we all know how frequently it is occurring, and the sad part is that only a small percentage are discovered or uncovered.

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