Build Relationships First

I would guess that both you and I have been tricked, at some point in our younger years, by that infamous test of following directions. At the top of the paper (in bold) are the words: YOU ONLY HAVE FIVE MINUTES TO COMPLETE THIS TEST! There are twenty-five instructions such as: Draw five squares on the back of this paper; Shout your middle name aloud; Count how many single-digit numbers are on this page, etc.

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What is a "Leader" Anyway?

Where organizations, or teams, often waver is in failure to define the parameters of the primary leader. If a leader takes on more responsibility than what others think belongs to that position, that leader is in danger of being called controlling. If the opposite happens, he/she may be called weak, passive, or inept. There are different levels of vision, strength, responsibility, and tenacity in primary leaders—everything from passive/weak to proactive/strong.

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Kingdom Culture: A Vital Concept to Understand

You might want to make kingdom culture a commonly understood and repeated term in your church, on your team, or throughout your Christian community! Terminology is vital. Accurate terminology.
Terminology gives birth to concepts.

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