Tread-Milling: Going Nowhere Fast!

The following story contains a lesson of great importance to the functioning of teams—yes, even marriage. If you have a position of authority over people this story will help you to discern if those you manage are in the right place or position. Of course, it may help you, too, if you are in a position or job where you are not producing the desired results.  Tread-Milling: Going nowhere fast!

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The Raw Truth About Unity: The Time I Wasn’t Paid for Speaking

I admit. Nothing was agreed beforehand about payment. My bad for assuming, but I did assume there was a standard payment for this kind of public speaking. Nevertheless, only twice in my multi-decade speaking career did I not get paid when I likely should have, and this was one time. So I am left to guess if what I shared at the annual convention wasn’t exactly what they were expecting and maybe that’s why I wasn’t paid.

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The Conference That Didn't Go As I Expected

When I teach a conference or seminar, I know the material. What I don't know always, is what the final outcome is going to look like. I go into each conference prepared to teach multiple ways depending on the spirit of the event, the hearts of the people, and what the Holy Spirit says. The Kingdom Culture Conference at ACTS Covenant Fellowship in Lancaster, PA last weekend was no exception. The UPS truck with my new book, "Kingdom Culture," showed up just hours before the conference began so each participant could take one home. The response from those participating was great!

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