Ruthie and Two Amazing Divine Encounters at the Bank Drive-thru

I share the following stories happenings with you as a reminder, and perhaps a challenge, for all of us to be sensitive to what God may want to use us for when we least expect it. I trust the following may not only be delightful, but also inspire you to be bold with your faith.

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Build Relationships First

I would guess that both you and I have been tricked, at some point in our younger years, by that infamous test of following directions. At the top of the paper (in bold) are the words: YOU ONLY HAVE FIVE MINUTES TO COMPLETE THIS TEST! There are twenty-five instructions such as: Draw five squares on the back of this paper; Shout your middle name aloud; Count how many single-digit numbers are on this page, etc.

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Visit to a Hurricane Ravaged Island

Ruthie and I woke up several times during the night while at the YWAM base in St. Croix last week. The batteries in the battery-operated fan bit the dust, and the heat was at a level we weren’t used to since in our PA home our bedroom is air-conditioned, and at home, we don’t take cold showers.

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