Don't Stop Dating Your Spouse

“Recently, I saw a cartoon that was significant: a man was examining the fender on his car. His wife asked, ‘How is it that you can remember every dent and notice new ones, but never remember my birthday or notice my new hairdo?’ Many women could shout ‘Amen!’ No one expects to become proficient in anything without practice and effort. Why do we expect wonderful marriages to just happen? Marriage takes a lifetime of effort to keep it fresh and inviting. 

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Culture of Honor Series: Bridges and Walls

Recently, I was consulting with a ministry leadership team. It was my third time with them. My job was to mediate a multi-year conflict that originated from a complex mission endeavor within their church. My job was to facilitate unity and peace and help get their mission back on track. The problem was, the interpersonal issues ran deep. The blessing was, the individuals loved God and were willing to sacrifice their own feelings in place of God’s heart. We departed with apologies, hugs, prayers for one another, and a new plan for future interaction.

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