How Much Do Hormones Influence Sexual Impurity? – Part 2: 5 Ways Adrenaline Creates Sexual Highs

In case you missed it, read "Part 1: An Adrenaline Addiction." Each one of the following elements plays a part in increasing the sexual-adrenal response in your body. If you understand these dynamics, you’ll be more aware of the nature of the battle, allowing you to guard yourself against lust and temptation. Below are 5 points that summarize the very core of sexual addiction. 

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How Much Do Hormones Influence Sexual Impurity? – Part 1: An Adrenaline Addiction

It is one thing to deal with your sexual cravings or addictions, but it is another thing to understand why you have such uncontrollable desires in the first place. Physiologically, your sex drive depends on hormones. Hormones can create great, God-given sex, but they can also play a role in the creation of a sexual addiction, a dynamic that is ultimately destructive.

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Sexual Purity: Rethinking Our Ideas, Reformatting Our Approach

I never chose my assignment to help bring a fresh perspective to the sexual purity movement within the body of Christ. It was on the same level as if I, at 61, with an oversized gut, would sign up for a mixed martial arts competition. NO THANKS! I argued when I saw it coming—with my wife  and God. My wife, Ruthie, would inform me, time and again, that God was teaching me these radical ideas about sex so that I could teach others.

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