Unleashing the Power of Praise

My earliest remembrance of the power of praise happened in my first year of marriage. My wife, Ruthie, and I got hit with a flood of bills and my job wasn’t designed to make anyone rich. You could say I was concerned—but actually, it would be more accurate to say, I was quite low. There are many occasions where it’s easier to see life as a half-empty cup, instead of half-full.  

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The Real Superman: Man of Steel—Man of Velvet: What Many Men Don't Know About Authentic Manhood

In my book, To Kill a Lion: Destroying the Power of Lust From the Root, I point out that many factors in our contemporary culture hinder men from discovering what true manhood is all about. I’d like to share one snippet of truth that has helped me to develop my character as a man.

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Redefine Your Identity - The Break & Make Approach

In the past, we explored the Enemy’s schemes to steal people’s identity. Now, let’s discover how you can take your identity back, and find a wholesome self-worth, so you can live loved. Discovering your identity will change everything about your life. In order to pave the pathway for self-worth, it is helpful to go through the break and make process. Break

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