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Even though I felt I had gotten victory over pornography, I was still having lustful thoughts. One day I was in a two-hour traffic jam on I-77, so I picked up To Kill a Lion, which I had just purchased, and started reading it. I got to the part where Bruce talks about asking God to reveal sexual sins that opened doors to sexual strongholds. Right there in the car I ask the Lord to reveal these sins to me. The Spirit of the Living God entered the car and showed me things that happened at home when I was three and four years old all the way to my present age of 36. I began writing these things down as the Lord revealed them, and till I was done I had filled every line on a full-sized notebook page. When I got home later that evening I knew something was different. I no longer had the lustful thoughts. By the grace of God I was able to close doors to the lust and sexual sins of my life. Thank you Bruce for being a mighty tool in the hands of our Abba Father God!
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